Why You Should Live in Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana is a great place to call home! Here are our top 5 reasons to move to Indy.

Here at Circa we love our downtown Indianapolis location, and can’t think of a better place to call home than Indy. While we could go on and on about it, here are some of our top reasons to live in this fantastic city.

1.       The Small-Town Feel

As the capital of our great state of Indiana, Indianapolis is the largest city in the state and the 15th largest city in the country. However, no matter what time of day you never quite feel like you’re in a big city. We Hoosiers enjoy the Midwest feel and don’t like giving that up even in a city like Indy. Wherever you go you’ll meet friendly folks happy to smile and say “hey!”, ready to help if you need it or just stop and chat. Even though everyone drives there’s never a ton of traffic, which is definitely something we like to brag about to those Chicagoans to the north.

2.       The Food and Drink

Also typical of the Midwest style, we love our food and drink in Indy! You may not think of Indiana as a hub of culture or culinary style, but especially over the past few years Indy has started holding its own in the food and beverage world. While you can always find a “meat and potatoes” type of down-home restaurant, you also never have to look far if you’re wanting to branch out to nearly any other cuisine. We also have several fantastic breweries, wineries, and distilleries in the area to whet your whistle, and as of 2018 we can finally purchase carry-out alcohol on Sundays!

3.       The Entertainment

Indy may not be a city that never sleeps, but we don’t see that as a bad thing! While you may have to search a bit for night life depending on the day, we still have plenty to do throughout the day and on weekends (besides, staying up all night is overrated!). We are insanely proud of our sports teams – the Colts, Pacers, and our AAA baseball team the Indians – and of course we look forward to the Indianapolis 500 every year at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway! Even if you’re not into sports Indy has a ton to offer, like the Canal Walk,  Indianapolis Zoo, Circle Center Mall, the Murat Theater, and much, much more.

4.       The Cost of Living

Another plus to living in a smaller big city like Indy is how cost-efficient it is. No matter if you choose to rent or own, you’re less likely to have to pinch pennies to get by. Taxes are fairly low and the overall cost of living is about 12% lower than the national average, including healthcare and utilities. Because we’re in the Midwest and surrounded by so much fresh produce, you can expect to get fresh groceries for a lot less and you’ll have no issues finding seasonal fruits and vegetables to keep your meals vibrant for less.

5.       The Education and Job Market

Indianapolis is home to several fantastic colleges and universities – Butler, The University of Indianapolis, and IUPUI to name a few – and our elementary through high schools aren’t too shabby either. Whether or not higher education is for you, you won’t have too much trouble finding a job. Both CareerBliss and Forbes named Indy as a great place to make a career, the former naming us as the ninth best city to find a job and the latter as number 24 for Best Places for Businesses and Careers. This combined with the lower cost of living make Indy the perfect place for families and singles alike.

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